Damaged Core - Oculus Rift Game Review

Sep 02, 2016 at 11:48 pm by Warlord720

I have to say I really like being a virus. Never really had the chance before but now after being able to transfer my code, i.e. myself, to just about any electronic entity on the battlefield in the blink of an eye makes being a virus a lot of fun and powerful. We're not just talking inanimate objects here as the battlefield is swarming with robots you can take over. It's so much fun it that it is yet another VR title that has made me embrace a genre I've come grow tired of. The first person shooter (FPS).

The great thing about transferring your code to another electronic entity during a battle is the fact that one second you are a hovering camera getting a bird's eye view of the battlefield. The next second you can jump into the middle of a pack and start slaughtering the accompanying bots until they turn on you. Then you jump to a camera or another bot before the lights go out and hit them again. If the lights do go out before you transfer, then it's level over and it restarts at your last checkpoint. Even being forced to use the Xbox controller that comes with the Oculus Rift isn't that bad. Since it's the early version of the rift it's a seated experience so the controller works just fine. I really like being a virus.


Since it's an FPS you are, of course, getting the first person view as you gain consciousness in a room with a female bot/cyborg and a man that just reeks of bad luck. You briefly train in one of the female robot's constructs, a cyber arena, where you learn the bones of the system. Once you learn how to transfer yourself you can move on to the tasks that are waiting for you. Like wreaking cyber mayhem on your enemies.

The basics of the game are high quality. The graphics, the overall look and feel are definitely in the top VR games titles available today. I'm not prepared to say it's graphics are up to the Solaris Project level but they are top quality and eye-catching at times. The basic premise of the game is as stated earlier you are not human, you are a virus programmed to take over and transport your code into the electronic bodies of your enemies. As one host starts to fail you quickly transfer over to another host right next to you or completely across the battlefield.


As you fight and take damage your vision starts to fade from the edges inward till all is dark at which point you respawn at your last checkpoint. To switch hosts all you have to do is look at the new host which will be designated as to whether you can take control or not and press the A button on the Xbox controller. Zap... you zoom into the consciousness of the machine you targeted and can immediately start wreaking havoc amongst your former allies.

This FPS has the prerequisite futuristic assault rifles and shotguns like other FPS'ers but the premise is unique enough by adding a different tactical view of the game. The landscape is cool, movement is super easy and the game is a cinch to learn. Very quick start with a short learning curve. The action is very fast paced and no room to breathe, just the way we like them! Overall this was a pleasant experience and this reviewer considers it to be a good addition to the VR library.

Damaged Core at Oculus

Damaged Core Developer Website


M.D. McCallum, aka WarLord is an international award winning commercial graphics artist, 3D animator, published author, project director and webmaster with a freelance career that spans over 20 years. M.D. is currently working on VR projects and characters. You can learn more about MD at his website.

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