Unity's Learn Premium now available at no cost

Jun 26, 2020 at 10:35 am by nemirc

Unity's Learn Premium

Back in March, due to the global pandemic and sudden changes in the lives o a lot of people, Unity decided to give everybody three free months of Unity Learn Premium. The plan was to provide everyone with a learning platform so they could skill up and face the situation according to their needs, since some people are working from home but others have lost their jobs and need to look for alternate sources of income.

The response was overwhelmingly positive, and over 320,000 people have taken advantage of those free three months. A lot of things have changed in these past 3 months around the world, and, unfortunately, those changes are not for the best: even more people have lost their jobs and the virus doesn’t seem to be going away. Because of this, Unity has decided to support their community even more and open Unity Learn Premium to everybody from now on, at no cost.

As you know, between March and April, different learning platforms and software developers decided to offer free access to their products so people could use them as they saw fit, during the lockdown periods. As I said above, Unity did the same. However, opting to make the learning materials permanently free to everyone in their community is a move I consider pretty amazing.

What sets Unity Learn Premium apart from learning resources found on other platforms is that the materials hosted here come directly from the developers of the engine, so they obviously know more about their tools than a third party. The materials cover different subjects like rendering, animation, monetization, post-processing, achieving AAA-quality graphics, AR and VR, and even machine learning. You can guess a good amount of the courses will be useful to everyone, and others target specific needs.

If you are using Unity, you should definitely start taking the courses found in Unity Learn Premium.


Unity Learn Premium: https://unity.com/products/learn-premium

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