Digital human creation with Reallusion: Making Paco with CC3 and ZBrush

Nov 13, 2020 at 05:00 am by nemirc

As I continue working on Just Let Me Go, I went back to Character Creator to make a new enemy (named “Paco”). I decided to make this enemy because he’s going to feature body hair (using UE4’s hair rendering) and I want to use him for showcase purposes. After spending some time with the sliders, I reached the result you can see below. In this case I wanted to have height and strength contrast between the protagonist and the enemy.

For Paco I wanted to try out another CC3 feature, the GoZ connection to ZBrush. I have never used ZBrush in the past, so I only googled a few things to help myself get started and do some basic sculpting (and I have roughly one month to learn the software before the demo expires, heh).

After testing the sculpting tools, I made some basic modifications, as you can see below.

GoZ works like a live connection between CC3 and ZBrush, so it’s easy to send the modifications back when you are done. When you do, a small window pops up in Character Creator asking you to update the model.

These kinds of modifications are similar to modifying the mesh using the sculpt tools in Character Creator, as they will not translate the smaller details.

You can also create normal maps and displacement maps in ZBrush and bring them into CC3. Since CC3+ characters use different UV tiles for the body parts, you need to group the body parts of your mesh by UVs. This is how Paco’s face looks with these modifications and the normal map.

It was a good experiment, but I was not really that convinced with the result, so I tried again, making a different set of modifications this time. I would like to do a lot of crazy things with this enemy, like adding tentacles to the face or other kinds of details, but I am not familiar enough with ZBrush yet. Besides, those modifications wouldn’t really fit Paco’s backstory so I am sticking with a human look. Another thing I did was layer some coloring on his arms, chest and head. I used Photoshop for that because my Substance Painter copy is over a couple of years old and it doesn’t seem to support the multi UV tiles workflow.

In the future I will share Paco’s final version and also UE4 renders.

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