Unreal Engine Free Stuff: January 2021

Jan 12, 2021 at 05:00 am by nemirc

As every month, the Unreal Marketplace is offering some assets for free. If you are an Unreal Engine user, it is a good idea to keep an eye on the Marketplace every month, as there may be stuff you will like.

This month, we have scene sets, particle systems and a puzzle system. Let’s take a look.

The Advanced Puzzle Constructor is a system that offers a wide variety of objects that let you prototype puzzle-based gameplay easily. The pack includes breakable objects, climbable objects, movable objects, a telekinesis gun, a conveyor belt and laser detection, among other things. Everything is Blueprints-based, so it will be easy to use even if you don’t program in C++.

The next one is the Western Desert Town. It’s a set of models and environments you can use to create your own western style environment, and it includes buildings, a desert environment, interiors, and even a mine. I am not much into westerns but the mine environment could be very useful for horror games.

The Sword and Shield First Person Animation Set is, as the name implies, a set of first-person animations featuring a sword and a shield. This can be very useful for those making a medieval or fantasy game, but I do think you can use it for other things, like a sci-fi game where you use laser swords and energy shields. The set includes 35 animations and Animation Blueprints.

If you need smoke particles, you will find Smoke Builder very useful. The set includes 64 particle emitters that you can use for your projects. One thing to notice is you can use them for steam, fog, and any other thing that requires smoke-like particles.

Lastly, another environment that could be used for horror games, the City Subway Tunnel. This set includes over 100+ meshes, materials that can control dirt, decay and graffiti, and visual effects.

To get the assets, you just need to go to the Unreal Marketplace and, under Free, click on Free For The Month.

Unreal Marketplace: https://www.unrealengine.com/marketplace/en-US/store


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