FiberShop: Hair card texture generator

Mar 05, 2021 at 06:00 am by nemirc

This time I am taking a look at FiberShop. FiberShop is a hair card texture generator, and you can use these textures for your video game characters (or any other character that requires hair cards).

Although FiberShop generates textures, you also have a 3d view, where you can visualize the depth of the texture. This should be useful to simulate the hair strands depth in a texture, which would add some extra level of realism to the texture.

Obviously, you need to change the hair color according to your needs. The software includes an easy-to-use material editor and it even includes some presets (black, brown, red, blond, purple, etc.). If they included two purple and two rainbow presets, I would have liked them to also include presets for blue, green, lilac, white, etc., which can be very useful when reproducing anime hair.

In the Design pane there are a lot of parameters you can use to modify the length, width and depth of the hair, including randomization. This allows for a lot of control in your hair’s look.

You can also add some modifiers to change the appearance of your hair. Actually, for a hair texture generator I expect this to be part of the package, or else you will be stuck with completely straight hair.

The following image shows the hair after using a Noise modifier. You can control the strength of the noise, frequency, and you even have a curve to define how the noise affects the hair along its length.

You can add various modifiers to the same hair, and you can even add multiple instances of the same modifier. Another thing I noticed is that some modifiers seem to be “nested” depending on how you create them. For example, you can see there are two Curl modifiers, one under Noise and another one parented to the Clump modifier. The placement of the modifier affects the output, though. Dragging the second Curl modifier outside the Clump modifier results in a completely different hair look, because the first option seems to be curling the clumps, while the second option seems to be curling the entire hair.

The software allows you to create different blocks of hair. This can be useful to add some variation to your hair cards, so that not all of them look exactly the same. You can arrange the hair blocks in the 2d view, and this is how they will look like in the final output image.

FiberShop lets you export different hair textures, like color, specular, normal. You can use all of these to create your material in your software of choice.

You can get the program through different licensing models, depending on your needs. With so many options, things can get a little confusing. You can check the table below to see all the options.

If you find yourself in the need to easily create hair card textures for your 3d characters, you should definitely check out FiberShop. Besides, I recently wrote an article about using XGen to generate polygon hair cards, and FiberShop could be a very nice addition to that workflow.

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