Epic Games acquires ArtStation

May 03, 2021 at 07:00 am by nemirc

This past Friday, Epic Games announced the acquisition of ArtStation. For those who don’t know, ArtStation is an online portfolio service, where graphic artists, animators, etc., can post their art and other information for potential freelancing or employment, and they also have a marketplace where people can buy assets and learning resources.

As part of the acquisition, ArtStation will work independently, but members will have access to more tools and resources. The platform will continue to work as it is, and members will be able to continue using it the same way.

A big change is the revenue share in the store. Epic Games has now dropped the 30% revenue share to 12%. That 30% revenue share is some stores, including Steam and the App Store, but ever since the Epic Games Store opened, Epic Games has set their revenue share to 12%, and now they are doing the same for the ArtStation store.

On top of that, Epic Games has made ArtStatioin Learning free for the rest of 2021. If you visit the learning portal (https://www.artstation.com/learning) you will see a lot of different learning resources, and now you can access them free of charge for the remaining 8 months of 2021.

I do wonder what future plans Epic Games has for ArtStation, specially from a game development or gaming perspective. Also, at this point I wonder what is Epic going to buy next. Maybe a 3D creation software so they have a native 3D tool that plays with Unreal Engine?

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