Book Review: The Type Project Book

May 24, 2021 at 07:00 am by nickcharles

Recently, I've been perusing a wonderful new book from Peachpit Press that focuses squarely on type. The Type Project Book is an absolutely wonderful book that lives up to it's title. Throughout you are shown tons of examples and real-world design projects where you really get a good grasp on how to use and incorporate type.

As you may well be aware, type is so very important, and this book provides you with guided projects to take your work to the next level. Whether you are already well-seasoned, or just starting out, this book can be a revelation.

Authors, Nigel French and Hugh D'andrade are both professionals in their own right, and guide you through everything from posters, to book and magazine layouts.

The book is divided into five sections, starting with Pastiche, an exploration of historic styles, and definitely my favorite part of this book. Learning more about vintage styles and things like Bauhaus and Victorian styles was really fun. Next, the book delves into short text projects, like magazine covers, labeling, movie posters and infographics.

The Longer Text chapter brings you into the likes of magazine layout, cookbooks, and brochure design. The next chapter is a fun one exploring typographic portraits, like split-face type portraits and colage.

The last chapter delves into type as image, where you learn much about logo design, icons, hand-lettering, and much more about customizing type.

Honestly, this book will have you captivated from first browse. There is so much information and inspiration packed within this book, and you won't find a type reference book out there as complete and fun as this one.


The Type Project Book

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