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Jun 14, 2021 at 03:42 pm by nemirc

Screen recording is one of those things you will need to do if you make video tutorials, presentations, webinars, or similar stuff. I have tried a few of these applications in the past, and now I am trying out iFun Screen Recorder by IObit.

iFun Screen Recorder is very easy to use. First, you select your source, be it full screen, a window or a region. Then, you set your audio sources, and finally you start recording.

One nice thing is the ability to resize the capture area. If iFun Screen Recorder is your active window, it will show a red frame indicating the capture area. If you hover your mouse above that area, you can resize it. The upper right corner of the capture area will show your recorded area size, so you can use that to know your aspect ratio, which is useful if you are targeting a specific aspect ratio. You can also enable your webcam and, when you are recording, you can move the webcam overlay around, and resize it (you can also set a default webcam overlay position in the settings window).

The app lets you set a format for your output video, and also audio bitrate and quality. iFun Screen Recorder also lets you take screenshots from your screen, so you can set the screenshot format as well.

When it comes to audio, the app can record your system’s audio (which is useful if the video you are making needs to include your computer’s sounds) and your microphone. One thing I didn’t see is a volume control for your audio capture, so I think you will need to calibrate them using your computer’s audio settings. In the past I have used other screen recording applications, and some of them have volume controls for audio, and even have the real-time intensity indicators, so you can calibrate your audio before you start recording.

iFun Screen Recorder has a couple of nice features I have not seen in other apps. You can pause your recording, which is very useful if you need to stop recording for a few minutes, without having to completely stop recording and restart after, and then join both videos together using an editing app. Also, you can trim the ends of your video. In a lot of cases, you start recording but you spend the first seconds switching windows and such, and the same goes for the time when you stop recording. This trimming feature is a nice thing since you can cut those unwanted parts of your video.

The software ran smoothly most of the time. However, for some reason it didn’t quite work when I wanted to record from my game development engines (I tried both Unity and Unreal). I tried Photoshop, Maya, Character Creator, and even a videogame developed in Unity (in full screen mode), and they all worked just fine, so I am guessing it’s a problem of how the engines use the screen rendering that causes issues with this app.

There are two versions of iFun Screen Recorder. The free version limits the amount of time you can record, among other things. Then, fur $29.99 you can get the Pro version with all the features. While I have used OBS for screen capture, and fits my needs nicely, I like that iFun Screen Recorder offers ease of use. If you are in need of a screen recording application, you can give this one a try.

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