Windwalker Echo Free for Unreal Engine

Sep 12, 2021 at 08:00 am by nemirc

If you have seen the different demos of Unreal Engine 5, then you have already seen Echo, the protagonist featured in all of those demos. Epic Games has made her available for free, so you can take a look at how the character is built. There are versions for Unreal Engine 5 and Unreal Engine 4.27, which is the one I am using (I already uninstalled UE5 since I need to save space for my own projects).

When you download Echo, you need to create a new project. The project includes the character and a simple level with a walkable geometry.

The character is animated somewhat features “motion matching” although it’s not as elaborate as other characters. For example, some transitions can be very smooth while others are somewhat abrupt. On the other hand, the character features IK legs, and you can see that if you go up that walkable slope.

Another thing you can do is switch between a groom-asset hair and polygonal hair.

The polygonal hair is setup with Physic Assets so it reacts to the character movement.

The character includes an in-engine rig that you can use to pose or animate your character inside the engine. This even includes a facial rig, that you can drive using Live Link and your phone. You know I am not a big fan of animating characters inside the engine, so I personally wouldn’t use it, but some of you may find that interesting.

Overall, it’s interesting to take a look at the character. You may learn a couple of tricks from this, although you have to figure out stuff on your own, since none of the functionality is commented (meaning there are no explanations in the Blueprints). You can download Windwalker Echo in the Unreal Marketplace.

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