Warp mode enters the new Substance 3D Painter

Oct 19, 2021 at 05:00 am by -gToon

Get more control over your VFX Workflow with the all-new 3D warp tool, and the improved color picker!

Halloween is right around the corner and we’ve prepared a beast of a Substance 3D Painter release just for you. In this new version of your favorite texturing software, we’d added great tools for improved control and flexibility: a new 3D warp tool, and a new cylinder projection mode, as well as an improved color picker

Without further ado, let’s look at the details. 

New projection mode: warp everything 

With the new 3D warp projection mode, you can warp any material or image around any geometry – in a completely non-destructive way. This cool feature is a lifesaver if you want to match a decal to a model, a scar to a leg, or a scanned face to a character model. 

We’ve decided to use a series of beautiful, high-quality skins scans from texturing.xyz, and stress test the feature in a character surfacing workflow. 


You can simply drag and drop your image resource into the viewport: just select the channel where you want to apply it, and the layers will be automatically created. 

Pick all the colors 

We’ve also focused on some foundational work that is the groundwork for upcoming updates focusing on color management. Today, as a first step in this direction, we have an improved color picker, which – among other updated functionalities – allows you to save color swatches internally. 


Other highlights include the ability to choose between float and integer (0-255) values, as well as between a linear or sRGB display. The color picker will also stay open while you are painting on the same layer, allowing you to pick new colors quickly or swap between swatches without interrupting your painting. 

Note: This article is slightly edited from the original (for length). For the complete post try this link 

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