Vegas 19 POST Review - The Video Editor

Dec 03, 2021 at 04:00 am by Warlord720

The Vegas editor has long been my choice for editing videos. Before retiring from full-time freelancing, I was using Vegas 15, the last version I purchased. I haven’t seen the newer version and was very glad to have a look. 

I am very happy I did too as Post is so much more than just a video editor. In fact, the Vegas editor is just one part, albeit the main part, of Post.  

I will confess to being one of the longtime users that weren’t particularly fond of Vegas being acquired by Magix.  I don’t know why particularly, as I had used a simple Magix editor many years before and it stood out from the rest of the budget editors at the time.  

Those concerns turned out to be unfounded as Magix has since taken a solid, industry-standard editor, improved it over the years, and added features that can bolster any video toolbox. The acquisition all those years ago apparently did just what was being said at the time... turned the editor over to a company that seemed interested in developing it.  

The whole Sony Creative Software thing from The Foundry to today seems to be a sort of low-key melodrama of its own. After selling Vegas and other titles to Magix in 2016 they have since developed their own video editor. Go figure. 

Vegas 19(Image Courtesy of Vegas Creative Software)

Using a newer version of Vegas has been a real thrill. I jumped right back into it as if I’d never left and so far, haven’t had to change older habits. That speaks well of an app that improves without completely destroying previous workflows. There may be some major changes I haven’t discovered yet but no problems so far. 

The interface hasn’t changed much, still displays a lot of info and like some editors can lead to information overload but that is a personal preference. Stretched out across a 49” super-wide display screen it’s still easy on the eyes and customizable. The interface has always been able to use screen space to its advantage with lots of windows docked, undocked, or hidden. 

As far as the feel of the software, the new version seemed faster from importing clips to editing the timeline compared to my older version. Maybe that should be smoother instead of faster. It was an unexpected improvement either way. 

I can’t find anything to complain about with this new version.  Vegas has always been my favorite and it has improved over the years. Even on a smaller screen you can still layout a lot of information if that is your thing or display only minimal info to stop distractions during the editing process. 

As of this writing, their plans are discounted 20% with the editor priced at C$12.79 per month, C$15.79 per month regular price. This is for Vegas Edit 365, the video editor only, and not the other bells and whistles that come with the upgraded plans.  

In future articles, I will cover the other aspects of the Vegas POST suite including FX, audio, and other features. Overall I still find the Vegas editor to be quick with easy-to-use tools that make slicing and dicing your edit something to look forward to.

 From the Vegas Creative Software website: 

Create simple vlogs or cinematic masterpieces with easy-to-use professional tools. 

 Wide range of format support 
Storyboard and timeline synchronization 
Scene detection 
Event editing: trim, shuffle, slip, slide, time stretch, reverse and more 
Export for social media 


Filters and effects 
Create eye-catching scenes with hundreds of presets to engage your audience.  

Over 390 effects including blurs, lens flares, mesh warp & glitch 
Pan & crop 
Motion tracking 
Bézier masking 
OFX support 


Titles and transitions 
Bring your text to life with animated titles and presets. 

 2D and 3D transitions such as wipes, dissolves, warps, waves, reveals & cross effects 
Text animation 
Credit rolls 


Color correction 
Give your video a unique look or a consistent mood with correction and grading.  

Input and output LUTs 
Color match effect 
Preset color filters 
Precise correction with color wheels, channels, HSL controls & curves 


Video repair 
Salvage otherwise unusable videos. 

 Video noise removal 
Video stabilization 
Flicker filter 
Black bar fill 


Record and capture 
Capture live video sources and screens to produce tutorials, gameplay or marketing content. 

Multiple video & audio sources 
Desktop capture 
NDI sources  


Audio editing 
Produce pristine audio from within VEGAS Pro. 

Multichannel mixer 
Reverbs & echoes 
Equalization tools 
VST support  

Export and share 
Share your final edit to YouTube and other social media.  

Fast rendering with GPU acceleration 
Wide range of output formats 
Customizable properties 
Direct upload to YouTube & Vimeo 


M.D. McCallum, aka WarLord, is an international award-winning commercial graphics artist, 3D animator, published author, project director, and webmaster with a freelance career that spans over 20 years.  Now retired, M.D. is currently working part-time on writing and select character development projects. You can learn more about MD on his website.  

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