RPG Maker is coming to Unity

Feb 21, 2022 at 06:00 am by nemirc

RPG Maker is coming to Unity
RPG Maker is coming to Unity

You may be familiar with the RPG Maker series of game engines. RPG Maker. RPG Maker is a series of engines, with a large number of releases, used by a lot of developers around the world to create various types of games. What’s interesting about RPG Maker is that some developers have actually used it to make games that don’t fall into the RPG category. For example, some pixel-art horror games like Yume Niki.

The creators of RPG Maker have unveiled they are working on another release of their engine. However, this time they plan to bring RPG Maker into Unity to, as they say, “leverage on the highly-popular Unity engine and aim to make RPG game development more intuitive and fun.”

One of the things available on this version is “codeless coding” using a command system and editable parameters system, so users can create their own systems without the need of code, a versatile map editor and a database system that has been used in their previous engines, so users can store stats, items, abilities, monsters, etc.

Surely there are a lot of developers that were curious about RPG Maker, but never used it because they are Unity users, and switching to another engine, specially for just one project, is not an easy task. Thanks to this move, RPG Maker can reach a lot of Unity users. From what I’ve heard, RPG Maker is very easy to use, and very powerful, which is a good thing because game development is already very complicated, so there’s no need to make it even more complicated with a confusing engine.

There is still no date for the release, but if you wan to know when it comes out, add it to your wishlist on Steam.

RPG Maker Unite: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1650950/RPG_Maker_Unite/

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