Export animated props from iClone to UE4

Feb 24, 2022 at 05:00 am by nemirc

As I work on Killer Dolls Battle Arena, I need to animate the weapons for attacks and gallery poses. For the original game for PS Vita, I didn’t animate the weapons because the screen was so small the weapon detail was lost. However, this time the game will be played on bigger screens so we need those details.

I usually export my CC3 characters directly into the engine (even the characters that have an accessory, in this case, a weapon), so, just like before, I exported my Doll into Unreal Engine. However, when I imported my iClone animations (the animations included the sword pivoting as she swings her weapon to attack), I noticed the sword didn’t move at all.

Solving this issue is pretty simple, though. What you have to do is export your CC3 character into iClone as an avatar (including the weapon). Then, export your iClone avatar (animated or not, doesn’t matter) into UE4. The character will still go through the UE4 auto-setup and you will still get the full quality character. However, this time the accessory will be added to the bone hierarchy as an animatable bone (on a side note, when you export directly from CC3, the accessory is still added as an extra bone, but for some reason it will not animate unless you manually animate it inside UE4).

Then, in iClone you can animate the weapon, or any accessory the character has, and then export the animation as you normally do. When you import the animation into Unreal Engine, the weapon will also be animated.

There is one thing I discovered, though. This only works when you add accessories to your character using the Create Accessory command. If you add a prop (say a cube or a sphere), the process will not work.

And that’s it. I hope you find this useful.

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