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Mar 03, 2022 at 04:30 am by nemirc

Some time ago I wrote about text-to-speech generators. I tried two text-to-speech services and, while they produced decent results, they are more suited for corporate videos where you don’t need a lot of expressiveness from your voice. A few days ago, I ran into another of these apps called Voicealizer.

The website has a video presentation were you can hear how the final result will sound like. I have to say Voicealizer sounds better than the previous solutions I tried, because it sounds less robotic (although you can still hear that “robotic texture” in the voice). The previous solutions I tried, while natural-sounding, still sounded like “that AI-robot from your sci-fi movie” (for example I, Robot).

The app works similarly to the other applications I tried. You just copy the text into the text box and then add various “modifiers” to change the way the sound reads the speech (for example, making the voice sound more excited, add pauses, etc.). Voicealizer uses artificial intelligence to produce the voice, using various presets that, according to the pitch, have been trained to sound natural.

On the website you can hear different samples in different languages, including English, Spanish, French, Russian, Italian, Japanese, etc. Since I don’t know all the language, I can only judge the ones I know (Spanish, English and French). The voices in English sounded pretty good, and so did the French voice. However, the Spanish voice left a lot to be desired. It sounded like listening to those YouTube videos using Windows’ text-to-speech generators.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t try Voicealizer myself because that one doesn’t offer a free demo, and I didn’t want to pay just to test the software, mostly because I don’t really have much use for these (I don’t make corporate videos and, for my games, I still think hiring voice actors is best, because they can actually produce a performance). However, if you use voice-overs for corporate presentations, or any presentation that doesn’t specifically require “acting” from the voice, this might be for you. The app is currently on a launch-time special price of $59 (and according to the website, the price will switch to a monthly subscription soon).

To hear the work produced by Voicealizer, visit the website and judge by yourself.



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