Now Leaving Uncanny Valley | Will Driscoll and Louis Normandin | SIGGRAPH HIVE 2022

Sep 10, 2022 at 11:03 am by -gToon

Live-action people effectively translate to digital humans using volumetric video, but the raw data sets are monstrous and not FX friendly. Houdini workflows are perfect for managing the data, while creating new attributes from a variety of methods. We explore a digital fashion case study where live model performances accurately interact with Vellum cloth simulations with assets created in marvelous designer / clo3d assets.

Wilfred 'Will' Driscoll is CEO / CTO at Wild Capture. Throughout his career, Will has held technical and creative positions focusing on VFX, immersive technologies and bringing digital humans to life.

Louis Normandin is co-founder and head of operations at Wild Capture. Louis has forged a unique path in the world of cinematography, technology,and spatial media activations.
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