Autodesk launches Maya Creative

Sep 17, 2022 at 11:03 am by -gToon

We’re launching Maya Creative to make content creation more accessible by lowering the barrier to entry for artists at smaller facilities. This more affordable and flexible version of Maya is a great option for anyone looking to scale capacity or access professional 3D tools.

It features powerful modeling, animation, rigging, and rendering tools for film, television, and game development. This includes Maya’s full industry-standard creative toolset: high-end 3D modeling; UV, lookdev, and texturing; motion graphics; animation deformation; camera sequencing; rendering and imaging; and data and scene assembly. Maya Creative also offers Arnold renderer to meet the demands of complex and photoreal VFX and animation workflows.

Maya Creative is available on both Windows and Mac. Artists can use it as it makes sense for their work through Flex, our pay-as-you-go option for daily product use. Our goal was to introduce a cost-efficient option for freelancers, boutique facilities, or small business creative teams, who don’t need the same API access or extensibility required for larger production workflows.

One independent creator, Clifford Paul, said the best thing about Maya Creative is the flexibility it gives him as a freelancer working on diverse projects. He is required to use a variety of programs across client work, and he can access and pay for Maya whenever he needs it.

We’re excited that Maya Creative will make it easier for smaller teams and individual creators like Clifford to compete and create content alongside larger facilities.

Note: original article by Diana Colella at Autodesk

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