Rebelle 6 is Here!

Dec 31, 2022 at 07:09 am by Barbara Din

Rebelle 6 is Here!

I love great artistic tools, and I was amazed when I reviewed Rebelle versions 2 and 3. But it’s been a while, and now that Rebelle 6 is here, I can’t wait to try it out. In the meantime, I wanted to let you all know about its new features!


The award-winning, hyper-realistic painting software with phenomenal oils, watercolors, and other wet and dry media with traditional pigment color mixing. The new version introduces exciting innovative features perfectly complementing extraordinary realistic painting tools.

New key features:

  • Innovative Fractal Image Processing keeps the best quality for image transformations and deformations using an algorithm based on machine learning
  • Liquify tool for retouching and deconstructing images and creating exciting artistic effects
  • Warp tool for reshaping and modifying objects
  • Favorite brushes tool for advanced brush presets arrangement
  • Redesigned Brush Creator with new features such as blending modes, various rendering and smudge options allowing the creation of advanced types of brushes
  • New layer masking tools
  • Locking objects to grids, guides, and canvas bounds
  • Reference image guides provide additional guidelines to preserve the positioning and proportions
  • New image filters and Color Range adjustments based on the hue


Magnified comparison of the Liquify tool used with bilinear (used in other software) and fractal image processing in Rebelle 6 Pro.


Escape Motions delights in creating tools for artists to help them express their ideas. After the success of the NanoPixel technology in the previous version, Rebelle 6 Pro introduces Fractal Image Processing – the image recognition machine learning algorithm. It will keep the best image quality and sharp details while using the new Warp and Liquify tools, transforming and deforming layers or objects on the canvas.

Magnified comparison of bilinear and fractal image resize.


Example of the Rebelle 6's Liquify tool.


Example of the Rebelle 6's Liquify tool.


Powerfully upgraded Brush Creator comes with vast options to create new original brushes - grunge, textured, granulation, and others with great diversity.

The option to save Favorite Brushes makes the painting process faster and even more personal.

New 'Favorites' tool in Rebelle 6 Tools panel.


The realistic feel of the software is enhanced by a new stroke length feature, which determines when the brush runs out of paint, just like in the real world.

The new Rebelle comes with more than 240 brush presets.

New brushes you can create with Rebelle 6.


New wet tools.


New dry tools.


Furthermore, the latest version introduces a variety of exciting features that will perfectly complement its realistic painting tools.

The positioning of objects becomes much easier with the option to enable and adjust grids and guides on the canvas. Escape Motions takes this feature one level further, allowing the creation of guides also in the reference image preview. The guides automatically transfer to canvas and can be of great help, especially, when tracing is not desired.

Example of reference image guides on the reference image showing on the canvas.


Rebelle 6 comes with additional masking tools for controlling the visibility of the layers: Layer Masks and Clipping Masks.

New image filters and Color Range adjustments based on the hue were added. These provide an amazing way of adjusting colors in your artworks in a controllable way.

In addition, Escape Motions offers more than 120 ultra-realistic papers, canvases, and other art surfaces, which allow artists to experiment with different backgrounds and natural materials.


The initial version of Rebelle was introduced in May 2015. Since then, the software has become a sought-after paint tool dedicated to creating realistic wet and dry media artwork. Using real-world color blending, wet diffusion, and drying, it convincingly mimics the way natural media interact with the canvas and itself. Designed for both CG artists as well as for traditional painters, this tool is a must-have solution for everyone who wants to explore their artistic skills using digital technology.


Rebelle 6 is compatible with Windows and macOS and it’s available now on the Escape Motions website. The full price of the Rebelle 6 is $89.99 and Rebelle6 Pro is $149.99. It comes with an unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee as well as a 50% upgrade discount for existing Rebelle 5 users.

They also offer free volume license for schools and educational institutions! With the aim to support art education around the world, they offer free Rebelle 6 for 20 seats and individual discounts to students and teachers.


You can download a demo of Rebelle here:


Escape Motions is a small studio of creatives and coders dedicated to the development of innovative visual tools. They love to experiment with interactive art, new media, and code to find a new expression and bring new experiences for artists and designers who want to stand out from the crowd. This is why Rebelle, Flame Painter, Amberlight, and Inspirit were born.

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